About Us

Altitude Capital LLC, founded in 2013 is a private equity firm headquartered in southern California specializing in domestic farm development and management. Altitude Capital’s wholesale and partnership model is primarily focused on agricultural development of pistachio and almond. 

California’s burgeoning pistachio industry is on a trajectory to produce more than 1.4 billion pounds by 2026 according to a new economic study commissioned by American Pistachio Growers (APG)

This is almost 3 times the levels of harvest in 2010. Altitude Capital’s team is involved with strategy, operations and financing of projects the firm undertakes, and considers itself as an active manager in the field. The team prides itself in the quality of its output and the ultimate results in a fast-growing yet very challenging industry. 

Even though farming in itself is one of the oldest professions, in today’s efficient markets and in such global industries with their trade challenges, Altitude Capital remains a modern financial house in its analysis capacity of a long-term growth approach with the uncertainties from business cycles to challenges of trade tariffs. 

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